for doing what she did and getting free

If I had a legitimate excuse for my prolonged hiatus from this blog, it would be these two women: Lanoy (basketball star/surrogate Lao sister/PoP MVP) and Phet (architect/duck blood soup lover/PoP Rookie of the Year).

For the last month I’ve spent hours on end with these two ever-inspiring, always-entertaining, seriously kickass women. We’ve tediously translated budgets, interviewed contractors, braved the monsooned roads, hosted village wide meetings, and, of course, drank beerlao.

Our goal was very simple: build a school. Build a school and show every single villager, government worker, unconvinced observer, and ourselves that we could. Build a school and provide the kids in Houy Thong with a place to learn.

So we did. With the empowerment and help from an amazing visiting co-worker (and every person in our organization) we built a school.

And a few days ago this little school opened to some very happy people and very big party.

There were speeches (mine nervously in Lao), there was dancing (think square dancing take Lao), there was massive amounts of food (and beerlao), and there was me, with a ridiculous cotton-flower smile on my face all afternoon.

And I can say now with complete confidence that I have never been so honored, so humbled in my life as I was that day with those two great women at my side.

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7 Responses to “for doing what she did and getting free”

  1. Dennis Says:

    In 1924 there were 72 school districts in Polk County Oregon. They didn’t call them village schools but that is what they were. Every child on the planet should have access to a local school. Way to go Ses, Noy and Phet.

  2. Ryan Cheney Says:

    We are very proud of you and Bryce, for all the work you are doing, for the lifestyle you are living, and for what you are giving up to be with and help those less fortunate…building a school is a great feat and will help for generations! Great job Leslie!

  3. b Says:

    You three are changing lives by the second. No words can describe how proud I am.

  4. Leslie Says:

    you, my b, are the glue that makes my life here not only possible, but fabulous.

  5. Bruce Says:

    You Two rock! Reading your latest blog and comments got me choked up and teary eyed. We are so very proud of your commitment, sacrifice and energy to “say” and “live” your dreams. Love and miss you both.

  6. Barb Says:

    You too Leslie are ever-inspiring, always-entertaining and a seriously kickass woman who I am very proud of.

  7. Ekua Says:

    Congratulations on this accomplishment, Leslie!

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