may your feet always be swift.

With our friend from the states visiting, we undertook a (what we didn’t know would be so) major project to build soccer goals for the talented and fierce kids of rural Bo He village.

The men folk, B and friend, put in laborious days of metalworking in the heavy Lao humidity.

Our Lao friends and PoP supports stopped by daily to help cleanup, paint, and serve the boys beerlao.

Once in Bo He, the epicness of the project was far from complete. Villagers had to carry the goals down the hill, across the bridge, up through the village and to the school.

But then, the rowdiest, far-better-than-any-world-cup-game, commenced.

And when we left Bo He, sufficiently exhausted and Beerlaoed, a group of primary school girls, their skirts knotted up around their waists, were tied up in a raucous game, mimicking their new Lao city friends, determined to be serious ass-kicking females.

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4 Responses to “may your feet always be swift.”

  1. Dennis Says:

    Very nice.

  2. tyler Says:

    Couldn’t be more proud of what you are doing!

  3. Lu Ann Meyer Says:

    What a fun project, Leslie! The pictures are great and I’m sure your game was much more exciting to watch than the final World Cup game today. Sheesh… score until overime! How boring is that?! Thinking of you & B and sending our best wishes.

  4. Bruce Says:

    It’s great to have internet up and running to get caught up on your blogs. Great Blogs, Pics and Metallurgy. Why would you want to come home? Oh yeah, B wants to eat and eat and eat, and then there is that silly little visa issue.

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